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This page will explain all rules of NumCrush in detail.

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How to play?

1. Your Goal

This is your game board.
The numbers will be distributed randomly across the board.

Your goal is to crush all tiles by finding valid equations.

2. Finding Equations

Find 3 adjacent numbers that form a valid equation!
Such an equation might be 9 - 2 = 7.

Just mark the 3 tiles and release your finger.
This will crush these tiles and you'll get 18 points (2+7+9).

3. Crushed Tiles

New tiles with random numbers will fall from the top. Notice the white fill of these new tiles.

Your goal is to fill all tiles as fast as you can.

Filled tiles can still be used for equations!

4. Crushing more tiles...

Now continue to find more equations and crush other numbers.
This time we use addition to calculate 3 + 5 = 8.

You can use any operation:

  • + (Addition)
  • - (Subtraction)
  • * (Multiplication)
  • / (Division)

5. Ignore the order

As you see here, the order of the numbers is not important to match an equation.
3, 8, 5 can still be matched as 3 + 5 = 8 would be valid.

6. To win a game

In order to win a game, you will need to crush all tiles (fill the board white) before your time runs out.

If there are no further valid moves, the game will shuffle automatically!

7. A game has been won

When you won a game, a result-screen will appear.

  1. These are the required times you need to beat in order to get 1, 2 or 3 stars.
    Earning stars will unlock new features and upgrades.
  2. This is your time and score for this game.
    Your score will be granted as "study points" that you can collect and use for upgrades and helpers.

You can now continue to the next level or retry this level to get an even better score/time.

User Interface

  1. Pause / Menu button
  2. Your helpers as explained in the Helpers Section
  3. Your current score and time (time only when upgraded is unlocked)
  4. The game board
  5. Your power bar
    This may never run out or you'll loose. It fills up when crushing tiles.


Helpers will be unlocked by earning stars.
You can use these helpers in times of need.

When your helpers have all been used up ("0x" will show), just click the helper again to get more of them.

1. Hint

Let the game show you your next best possible move.

2. Freeze

Freeze the time and your power bar until you make your next move.

3. Shuffle

If you can't seem to crush the last tiles? Shuffling the game board will be helpful.

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